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Between myths, legends and ancient truths, wine is an important and precious heritage of mankind. Wine's frothy and rich liquid preserves local histories, tastes and smells as well as its makers' soul.

According to greek myths, Dionysus, jovial and generous god, gave men this wondrous drink to console men's and gods' sorrows. Hera, envious and evil
goddess, gave the drink the negative effects related to its excessive consumption ... so says the greek myth, by concluding from the divine realm by collecting the bubbly drink ... the rich history of mixed memories, light, stories and traditions of Campania, wines Montesolae still tell the wonderful adventure of the young god of festive meetings symposia and pleasant, and the wonder of the sea of ​​blue Partenope with his burning sky recalling, also acting within graph of its packages, the strong link with the history and culture of his homeland.