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Campania, a land rich in history, art and traditions, called “Campania Felix” for the extraordinary fertility of the soil, was a land devoted to agriculture since its ancient origins, when it already produced the famous “wine of the emperors”. 

Where the volcanic plain Campana, extending between the coast and the mountains of the Apennines, is transformed in the rolling hills of two districts of Irpinia and Sannio, our company, after many years of perfect fellowship with the winemakers of the area, obtained management of 180 hectares of vineyards. 

In exchange for contracts for more than a decade it supports them and supporting their efforts; care of all phases of the annual cycle of work in the vineyard, from germination to harvest, led by oenologist and harvested by hand by farmers; by manual selection of the best grapes and transported in small boxes to ensure integrity. 

The vineyards stretch on slopes sometimes regular and sometimes steep, with slopes between 200 and 600m, altitude that gives the wines perfect acidity, taste and unmistakable scents.