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The company MONTESOLÆ, in production since 1996, is located on the green hills on the border between the two districts in the Campania region, Irpinia and Sannio, in an area of fertile soil, volcanic in nature and the excellent sun exposure.  The premium vineyards, as vivid fringes enhance this area, all descended from ancient Greek and Latin vines.

A careful study of these local varieties and their particular grapes was the primary objective and critical for the founders of the company, since the first winemaking, consolidating and realizing always, in subsequent years, awareness that the cultivation of the vine is a complex art that requires wisdom and dedication, technical expertise and passion, and constantly joining growers, in a fruitful collaboration and continuous sharing at all stages of production. 

From challenging laboratory research to germination in the fertile ground, from work in the sunny countryside to the elaborate production plans, the festive days of harvest, strictly by hand, in full compliance with the strict regulation imposing the absence of any artificial process that can alter the typicality of the grapes, the modern business strategy, to winemaking rationalized and dynamic marketing of the final product, Montesole has always favoured the useful encounter between tradition and technology, in order to obtain the high quality of the wines produced and to preserve them unchanged over time.  

Important decisions as a valid commercial policy, based on a proposal of high quality at reasonable prices, the rich offer of the complete range of wines from Campania, improvement of quality of the wines produced, through natural processes of aging and innovative procedures such as “sparkling” wine Fiano, Greco and Aglianico, have provided over the years a significant and lasting success to the company.

Important and valuable reviews and awards recognize the winery Montesole, one of the most significant wineries in the region, witnesses admirably sincere and authentic character of the local wine, in its many varieties and unique characteristics, and how it is able to deal with the competitive challenges of modern globalized society.

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