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Campania I.G.T.

As the star that since the dawn of time has enchanted people and civilizations, Sirios leaves in ecstasy every audience thanks to its bright, vibrant organoleptic harmony made of fruity and floral aromas, annotates a unique and intense taste.  The splendor of our selection of the best fiano grapes captivate and radiate your palate.


Campania I.G.T.

Serapis captures all the charm of myths inherited from the most ancient civilizations.  The miracle of the rebirth of vegetation, after so deeply impressed by the Egyptian culture, crystallizes in the scents and memories aroused by our Greco, fruit of the best annual selection of the Greco grapes.


Campania I.G.T.

The atmosphere that envelopes Symposium recalls  ancient rituals of conviviality, reflections of an instinctive need of social handed down over the centuries with the art of drinking.  From year to year the Symposium lives, drawing on our selection of the best Falanghina.